Raspberry Pi ATV test picture generator

This program is based on PA3BWE atv3.py, sugestions made by S51L. (Slovensko)

Patched and improved version of PA3BWE atv3.py includes:
  • configuration options in external file (config,py)
  • internal tone generator with configurable frequency
  • keyboard-les operation with 3 added HW keys
  • 4 configurable (text, size, color, vertical position) lines of text selected by key
  • HW key for Pi shutdown
  • can run in console (no startx)
  • can run on "big PC" in window for developement (no GPIOs) 
  • optional running clock (HW clock recomended if not connected to internet)
  • configurable picture prefix (enable different picture sets)
  • configurable picture postfix (png pictures  - no jpeg distortions)
  • auto size display for best resolution
  • some test pictures included
  • 1kHz soun file included
Download: fsatv.zip or fsatv.tar.gz

HW keys added:
  • pin 21 (gpio 9), key 'o'  - turn lines of text on/off. Key folow binary code from 0 - 15 to turn on/off lines displayed on screen (keyboard key O). Default is set in config.py variable otConf. Bit 0 is line 1 (on top), bit 3 is line 4 (on bottom). For more information see comments in config.py
  • pin 22 (gpio 25) - poweroff pi
  • pin 23 (gpio 11), key 's' - turn sound on/off. Internal generated or external wav selected with variable intSoundFrq.
Program can be run from usb key (/media/usb/fsatv) or from internal SD card if copied to /home/pi/fsatv. Script atv should be copied to /usr/bin with executable permissions, then the program can be run with simply type on command prompt: atv. When USB key is present, the program runs from USB stick, when not, from internal storage space.

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